Implats Impala Apprenticeships 2020

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Implats Impala Apprenticeships

Impala platinum mime offers Implats Impala Apprenticeships and is known that this mining company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of platinum and all platinum-related metals as it produces about a fourth of the world’s platinum. They have mining operations in South Africa and Zimbabwe. This mining group was in operation from mid-1969 and gradually grew stronger and stronger. There are more than 40,000 people who work permanently and regularly employ contractors. This mining group believes that education is the key to closing the poverty gap and securing skilled workers for all areas.

Implats Impala Apprenticeships Available

Implats Impala Apprenticeships offer interested candidates many fields to think about, but it is all related to the mining industry. This mining company still has some apprenticeship programs, but it is breaking down as they prefer to offer bursaries to candidates. They believe that the right teachers can enter the workers who are sufficient to do what is needed.

The fields that may be available include the following and more:

  • electrician
  • boiler maker
  • Fitter and Turner
  • mechanic
  • Human Resources Engineering – Most fields
  • manage production

Requirements for Implats Impala apprenticeships

Most requirements for Implats Impala apprenticeship programs contain the basics as mentioned below . Some fields may have additional requirements. This is also usually set out on the application and applicants must ensure that they all meet to apply.

Basic requirements:

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen
  • Must have a valid ID document
  • Everyone must have a valid Matric or Grade 12 certificate
  • Must have passed Mathematics with an average of 40% or higher on SG – may be higher for some fields
  • Everyone should have passed Physical Science with an average of 40% or higher on SG – it may be higher for some fields
  • Applicants must have excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Everyone must be able to as part of a team and work individually
  • Applicants must undergo and pass a medical fitness, heat tolerance examination and any other assessment deemed necessary for the field of application.

This company offers a monthly allowance to candidates and may include normal company benefits. They do not usually provide meals, lodging and transport unless otherwise stated. Applicants must attach certified copies of all documentation and not send their original documents. It is recommended to provide a complete CV and all letters of recommendation together with the application.

Implats Impala Apprenticeships:

Application Once applications are open, Implats Impala Apprenticeships can be obtained online from their website. These applications will be placed on their careers page with all relevant information. All applicants must ensure that they submit the application form with certified documentation on time, late applications, incomplete applications and that the missing documents are not checked.

Closing date for Implats Impala learnerships

The closing dates for Implats Impala learnerships vary according to the field and the mines’ needs according to their different activities. Their apprenticeships are advertised annually by newspapers, magazines and online

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